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Eve Hot Choc With Ashwagandha

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Indulge in our Hot Choc and experience its transformative effects, no matter your mood. Scientific research has confirmed the powerful connection between women and chocolate, not just emotionally but also for wellness. Our premium, sugar-free blend boasts adaptogenic ashwagandha and calming vitamin B6, providing benefits that go beyond just satisfying your sweet tooth. Prepare for pure chocolate bliss with added bonuses for your health.


Contains 24 serves.

  • Cocoa Powder (82%)
  • Natural Flavours
  • Ashwagandha Extract (Ashwagandha, Maltodextrin) (0.5%)
  • Sweetener (Monkfruit Extract)
  • Vitamin (B6)

Enjoy me hot: Mix 1 tsp in a mug and add around 100mL of heated milk of your choice, or boiling water. Stir to dissolve, before adding another 100mL steamed or hot milk and enjoy.  

Enjoy me cold: Mix 1 tsp into a glass with around 100mL of your favourite milk, or water. Stir to dissolve. Fill the glass with ice before adding around 100mL of your favourite milk and enjoy. 

Expect a subtly sweet flavour thanks to a dash of monk fruit, but for our sweet toothed Evies, feel free to add more of your fav sweetener to taste. 

Or get creative! Pancakes, muffins, bliss balls and more - the ways to use me are endless.