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Vani-T Bed Head- Beauty Pillowcases (pair) - Midnight

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Experience the luxury of silky smooth hair and crease-free skin with Bed Head - Beauty Pillowcases (pair) - Midnight! Made from vegan silk, these pillowcases not only have anti-aging properties but also reduce wrinkles and fine lines while you sleep. Unlike other fabrics, the luxurious finish of these pillowcases is gentle on the skin, preventing pillow marks and morning puffiness. Moreover, it's anti-bacterial, cooling, and hydrating properties help reduce acne breakouts and keep your complexion glowing all day long. With anti-static benefits, say goodbye to knots and frizz and hello to salon-worthy hair! Naturally non-absorbent, these pillowcases won't strip your hair and skin of nourishing oils, ensuring you wake up looking and feeling rejuvenated. Make the Bed Head - Beauty Pillowcases your best-kept beauty secret today!



  • 2 x Bed Head Beauty Pillowcase
  • Fits standard size pillow (50cm x 66cm)